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It’s that time of year again. Stockings are being hung, the house smells like something has been in the crockpot for hours then followed by the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg from ciders and scented candles. The final piece that pulls everything together is a magnificent Christmas tree decorated with all the trimmings.


It is an event we all look forward to as soon as it starts to get cold. You start to see makeshift tree farms on every corner. And that would be an easy trip down the road, just head to the nearest one, pick it out, haul it home, and put on the holiday music and hot cocoa for some Christmas memory making.


Well, what if you could take the memory making a step further and make it truly memorable? Even a new family tradition. If

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So you moved up to Idaho and planted yourself in the Treasure Valley. I am sure you’ve heard there is some serious wilderness to explore. Or maybe you are an Idaho native who has been calling our mountains your playground since childhood. The question is would you ever consider owning a piece of Idaho wilderness? Mark Twain said, “Buy land, they are not making it anymore.” A simple and very true statement. What most people don’t realize is there is a lot of land available. Some properties are a few hour drive to mountain towns, some are seriously off grid, and some properties can be reached in less than 30 minutes.


There are quite a few people who work in the valley that reside just outside of city limits. Endless dirt roads and heavily forested

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As the holidays approach homes sales start to slow down. We are all so busy with travel, family get-togethers, and of course, gift shopping. Who has time to continue the house hunt? Actually, this is a great time to look for a home. If you think about it, you are not just picking a house. You are choosing a neighborhood and on the hunt for the one place that fits you and your family. 

Halloween is the time to start getting familiar with the area. This, of course, applies to those of you have trick or treating kiddos. Why not go trick or treating in several neighborhoods you have been thinking of moving to? There are a lot of trunk or treat events in the area as well. Get to know your town by going to our corn mazes and pumpkin patches. They are all

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When you garden in containers you don't need a lot of space to create a dreamy mix of colorful flowers and tasty edibles. However, there are ten common mistakes you should avoid to keep your dream garden from becoming a nightmare. By Doug Jimerson    

Mistake No. 1: Using inexpensive soil

Good soil is the key to success in any garden, but with containers it's even more important because your plants are growing in a restricted environment. So, don't be tempted by inexpensive, off-brand potting soils that may harm your plants more than help. Remember, any soil can be labeled "potting soil" so read the label before you buy. A good-quality potting soil will provide good drainage, plant nutrients, and be able to retain moisture…
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From simple to sensational, this collection of colorful kitchens will inspire you to mix and match your favorite hues when choosing a color scheme for your own space!! 


Icy Blue + White + Dove Gray

This bright and airy kitchen is full of light. Natural light paired with a white plank ceiling and cabinetry are the factors that make the space feel so open. A white marble slab creates a strong contrast with the icy-blue paint color. Metal pulls on the cabinets and drawers add shine to the room. Added sparkle comes from the dove gray backsplash tiles. Reddish-brown floors keep the room grounded and add warmth to the space.


Apple Green + White + Dark Brown

The contrast between ultra-modern cabinets and worn-in wood makes this

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From easy appetizers to decadent desserts, these holiday dinner recipes will help you create a delicious and appetizing spread with something for everyone.

Of course, the holidays are all about catching up with family and friends—but they’re also a great excuse to whip out your favorite recipes and throw a big dinner party. These recipes are designed to wow the crowd—and might even become a new holiday tradition around your house.

Pear & Camembert Crostini

Up your appetizer game with this fruit-topped cheese crostini recipe. Warm preserves give the pears a shiny glaze and prevent them from browning.

Makes: 12 servings

Active Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

To Make Ahead: Refrigerate cooled crostini (Steps 1-2) airtight

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One of our favorite holidays is coming up, and that just so happens to be Easter! Easter can be one of the best holidays of the year, due in large part to the various recipes and treats to make. Even better: these treats are enjoyed by both adults and kids alike, for an all-around family-friendly gathering.

Here, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite recipes that are perfect for the upcoming Easter celebrations:

  • Rabbit Bunny Buns
  • Easter Pretzel Chick
  • Easy Carrots & Dirt Pudding Cups
  • Homemade Jell-O Eggs
  • Easter Bunny Mocktails
  • Mini Egg Explosion Cupcakes

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To buy a home, or to not buy a home. It’s a common debate for many people. There’s no denying that renting is basically paying for someone else’s monthly mortgage without receiving any equity from the property, but that does not always mean that buying a home is the better option for each individual. Everyone’s situation is different, and home buying can be expensive. People’s lifestyles also change and their motives for wanting to buy a house are just as varied. Determining whether or not it’s worth buying a home has a lot to do with individual specifics. It’s highly recommended to speak with a real estate agent who can give you detailed real estate advice based on the information you provide. However, the general costs and rewards of home buying can

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No one enjoys spending more time than absolutely necessary on cleaning. These cleaning shortcuts will show you how to get the satisfaction of a clean house without spending all day achieving it.

  • Map a Cleaning Route
  • Break up Chores
  • When to Hire a Professional
  • In the Kitchen
  • In the Bathroom
  • Use a Basket
  • Two-person Household

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Bask in the comfort and tranquility of a pool or spa—right in the comfort of your backyard.

There’s nothing better than simply stepping outside your back door to take a quick dip in a pool or soak for a while in a spa. These homeowners have created luxurious home retreats by using good design principles in their vision for integrating a private pool or spa into their daily lives. These outdoor jacuzzi design ideas might also be just the thing to attract a potential buyer to sit down and stay a while.

  • Wooded Refuge
  • Say “ahhhh…”
  • Contemporary cool-off
  • Clever Curves
  • Jump in
  • Swim with a view
  • Time for a swim
  • Pool repose

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