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Rebel Ann Mueller

RebelAnn has proudly called Idaho her home for the past 14 years and is originally from Napa, CA. She has enjoyed success in both the hospitality and Law Enforcement communities. She is a mother of two and met her husband of 14 years while serving as a Corrections Officer for the County of Sonoma. After visiting Idaho and falling in love with the vast natural beauty and all the recreational opportunities it had to offer, they recognized it was the perfect place to settle down and raise a family. In this role, she balances a strong work ethic with a vast experience and success in customer service. She has been described as a team player and most of all - dedicated to successful results for those she represents. Joy and Happiness, key ingredients to life are priorities she always includes day to day. It is important to her to form positive, sustainable relationships and give her clients the best she has to offer. A memorable and personable experience is at the core of her passion. She will listen like a friend and give advice like a professional.

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Cellphone 208-484-4839

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